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  • I welcome the opportunity to give you some feedback on the value of the role you play in providing benefits for our colleagues. I’ve specifically appreciated your helping us update our technology and the attention you have paid to strategic planning. You have saved me considerable time and energy and headaches dealing with areas that are a source of frustration for me. I know that I can count on you to resolve any and all of our vendor issues. It has been my pleasure to work with you, and I look forward to a productive and continuing business relationship.

  • What I value most about our relationship is the sincere honesty and straight-forwardness with which you have approached our account. . . . You worked with us to place our health insurance with the company that best suited our needs and gave us the best economic value. . . . I look forward to continuing working with you for many, many years to come.

  • I think I could ask you anything and you would know the answer.

  • [You have been] a source of strength and knowledge. . . . You have searched and negotiated for the best coverage for the best premium year after year. You have also given advice in dealing with the 401(k) administration and other benefits. . . . We have come to depend on you and your knowledge, and appreciate your integrity and all you have done.

  • Your knowledge and understanding along with your recognition by your peers as a leader in your field helped give me great comfort knowing an "expert" was taking care of our health plan. . . . I found you [were] an agent who was not interested in merely selling the product that made you the most commission, but rather you attempted to educate your client so they would ultimately make the purchasing decision for themselves.

  • Your knowledge of the benefits business as well as your understanding of our company and its goals, allowed you to be both objective in suggesting solutions and yet clearly take our specific concerns into consideration. You seemed to know intuitively when we should or shouldn’t stay with a given carrier and which would be the best funding arrangement for us at any particular time. I have greatly appreciated the fact that you are proactive on our behalf. You know what we need and are willing to spend the time to show us how it will benefit our company and have taken care of “making it happen” for us.

  • I have appreciated having one person to turn to for all my benefit needs. You know the impact (both good and bad) of making different choices and implementing different programs. You always gave me enough information to make an evaluation on my own, but were willing to make a recommendation if I wanted your input. One of the biggest benefits of all, is that I knew when you delivered information to me, I could trust it. You not only are knowledgeable, but you have always been willing to share your knowledge. I find that whenever we communicate, I learn something.

In order to respect the privacy of my clients, I have not included their names or the names of the companies for whom they work. If you would like to know who wrote what, please contact me. Many of these individuals would welcome your call.
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